Best Vacation: Traveling To An Asian Country

Posted on 05 January 2018 (0)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive vacation with a huge wow factor, Asia offers so many exciting top destinations. Asia has good infrastructure, the friendliest people as well as great weather. If you’re looking to get the most for your travel dollars, Asia would be one of the best regions to visit.

Below will help you decide where to go in Asia.

  1. Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is also known as the Pearl of the Orient. Tourist can appreciate Malaysia in an exciting way, eat delicious food and relax.

  1. Singapore


Singapore is a modern country well worth a visit for its unique blend of cultures, mega-mall shopping, as well as food. Singapore is NOT all about concrete shopping spots, tourists can also find ample green space for walking and biking.

  1. Brunei


Brunei Darussalam is an abode of peace. Tourists might nod their head in agreement as they wander around Bandar Seri Begawan (capital of Brunei). This oil-rich sultanate country may surprise tourists. You can explore Brunei’s very own Kampong Ayer (water village), or you can have a trip to Ulu Temburong rainforest. The pristine wildlife of Brunei will take your breath away.

  1. The Philippines


The Philippines has more than 7000 astonishing islands, so tourists are sure to find a spot of sand to spread their beach towel on. Tourists also have the confirmatory evidence of Travel + Leisure, which put the three main islands of the Philippines on the top ten best in the world.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is the largest metropolitan economy in the world. The numerous museums of Tokyo offer exhibits ranging from classical art to a reconstructed kabuki theater.

Celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival

Posted on 16 November 2017 (0)

The Day of the Dead in Mexico, known as Día de los Muertos, is rather deceptively not a one-day celebration, but a two day holiday celebrated every year throughout Mexico during November 1 and November 2. Mexico’s Day of the Dead is primarily a celebration of both life and death, in which locals honor and remember their departed loved ones. The Mexican holiday finds its roots in Mesoamerican culture, in spite of the fact that its popularity is widespread nowadays.

Day of the Dead altars are the center of activity of several museums as well as public spaces. The most noted places to visit are Coyoacan’s Popular Culture Museum and the Diego Rivera Museum. In the southern part of Mexico City, there is a popular celebration in San Andrés Mixquic village. Wherein, families will head to the graves early on September 16 and make a polite request to their loved ones to the Muertos reunion.

Day of the Dead

Making offerings to the deceased

This tradition goes closely connected with the emblematic altar’s construction, in which locals select a variety of offerings to encourage the dead to come back home and hear their loved ones’ prayers. On November 1, relatives offer toys and sweets to the deceased children, while November 2 sees offering for departed adults, such as cigarettes, football shirts and alcohol. Also on November 2, more generic candles as well as well as pan de muerto are being offered.

Eating pan de muerto

A typical tradition during the Day of the Dead in Mexico is pan de muerto’s consumption. Fortunately, pan de muerto is not a bread made of deceased people, it is actually a sweet bread with a healthy coating of sugar.


Holding graveside vigils

Although several locals opt to stay at home on the night of November 1 and November 2’s early hours, graveside vigils are still common in several Mexican communities and are most likely one of the most iconic rituals of the Day of the Dead. One particular spot in which the graveside vigils still exist is in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. On November 2, a number of families take boats, known as butterflies, to Isla de Janitzio, where they commemorate their departed loved-ones in the island’s cemeteries. However, the Day of the Dead seems to be amazing to witness as one of the owners of RI Garage Door Pros is eager to travel to Mexico to witness the celebration.

Hong Kong: Why people are going there for a holiday?

Posted on 22 October 2017 (0)

There are so many countries where you can travel to. However, many people prefer going to Hong Kong. The thing that many doesn’t understand. What is it about Hong Kong that makes so many people going there and chose Hong Kong over other countries? Here are some of the reasons why many people choose this country over other countries, when they are traveling:

Shopping heaven for shopping lovers

The number one reason why so many people are choosing Hong Kong for their destination is because of the shopping that this country has to offer. If you are looking for something specific for someone back home, then you will find it for sure in Hong Kong.

This is really a shopping heaven for people that love doing shopping and purchasing a variety of different things. There are huge malls, variety of shops and it isn’t as expensive as what you might have thought. This is making the trip to Hong Kong worth it.

Great and unique cuisine

When you are talking to people that was at Hong Kong and you ask them what was best for them, they will most probably answer the cuisine of Hong Kong. Yes, they have some strange food that normal people won’t choose, however this isn’t all that this country has to offer.

The cuisine is delicious and you will find something that you like to eat, but that you won’t find anywhere else. It just tastes better, because of their variety of spices that they are using in their food. You should just make sure that you are eating at top restaurants and that you know what you are actually ordering.

Best family destination

If you are a family with children and you are looking for a holiday destination, then you should know that Hong Kong is the place to go. There are a large variety of things that you can do as a family and activities that you can play as a family.

There are many countries in the world, that aren’t really family orientated and that aren’t ideal to go to if you have children. Hong Kong isn’t one of these countries and your children will love this country. No matter what age they might be.

If traveling during school breaks, and your child has homework or projects to keep up on, check out these great tips by Erica Stackhouse.

Night life

The night life at Hong Kong is just as fun as some of the other, more popular countries. They like to party and party throughout the night. If you are a party animal, then going to Hong Kong should be on your priority list.

Hong Kong is popular among tourists. And, if you weren’t in Hong Kong before, you will not know why this country is so popular among tourists and why so many people are going there, year after year. These are just some of the reasons why going to Hong Kong can be a great experience and something that you should consider when traveling all over the world. You will have a huge variety of things that you can do there and you will be able to take your whole family to Hong Kong.